Acting role in corporate video

Once in a while I get to do a little acting for in house corporate videos. Usually they are only seen internally, but this one was posted on YouTube. Its on using proper etiquette when video conferencing. I play an executive that is annoyed by others bad habits.

Genealolgy: Thomas Trowbridge

Thomas Trowbridge is a 10th Greatgrandfather of cousin Betty Jane Prudden (Taylor). Thomas was born in England on February 8, 1598 in Taunton, Exeter, England. He married Elizabeth Marshall in 1627, had 4 children, and emigrated to America in the 1630s. His children stayed in America and their descendents moved all across America. He was a hero in the British Civil War fighting the crown as a Captain in the Parliamentary Army. He led his men defending a castle during a 7 month siege.

One famous descendant of Thomas is the super model Cindy Crawford (and yes, a distant cousin of Betty Jane Prudden). Cindy’s connection to Thomas was recently aired on the TV show “Who do you think you are?” on the The Learning Channel. To view the Cindy Crawford Episode, click here. Be sure to following the second half of the show when she investigate Thomas Trowbridge, … and think of my relative Betty Jane Prudden!

Thomas Trowbridge signature, 1652
The signature of Thomas Trowbridge, from a pension record.

Wildlife Illustration

I love all kinds of animals, and really enjoy creating wildlife illustrations of them.

This is a photogragh of me with a lion cub when I was studying big cats back in my college days in New Jersey. “Elvis Jr” was only 10 months old and already weighed 110 pounds.

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