What does Walt do for fun?

Venture Crew Grand CanyonVolunteering for The Boy Scouts of America. As Advisor of my daughter’s co-ed Venture Crew (Burbank’s Crew 209) I enjoy working with the scouts and other leaders to provide fun “high adventure” activities for male and female youth 14 – 20 years of age. Recent activities include white water rafting the Grand Canyon, rock climbing in Joshua Tree, shot gun shooting, and camping on an island in the Florida Keys.

Organic Gardening  I really enjoy eating home grown vegetables, and since living in Southern California provides such  a great environment to grow a killer garden, I can’t help myself. This year I have a nice crop of tomatoes, carrots, corn, cucumber, snap peas, and watermelon.


Art Galleries and Museums  I love to visit museums and art galleries, especially with my family where I can share my knowledge of art history and love of all forms of art.

Walt on a bikeCycling  as often as possible for fitness and fun. I particularly enjoy cycling in the early morning just after sunrise, and at night (especially during hot days), and anytime with my daughter.

Restoring Photographs  a passion of mine is using my Photoshop, color correction, and digital painting expertise to scan and restore vintage family photographs and share them with my relatives.

Before (left) and after (right) restoration.

Family Tree  I have a great curiosity of history and Genealogy, and continue to research my family history, illustrating it with vintage photos that I have restored.